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Were you accused of a crime for doing your job?

A lot of crimes get committed in America's largest corporations, but most of them never get detected. Embezzlement, tax evasion, accounting fraud and money laundering are just a few of the most frequent violations. Just because these crimes are common, however, does not mean that everyone accused of committing a crime is guilty of the offense.

For example, you might face criminal allegations simply because you were doing your job. When faced with white collar crime charges like this, you must take your criminal defense seriously. The paper trail of documentation, witness testimonies and other evidence surrounding the allegations require an in-depth review. The laws at issue, potential punishments and decisions on similar cases from the past also require consideration to create the strongest defense possible.

Common examples of white collar crimes

There are an unlimited number of criminal allegations that someone could face, which would fall under the white collar crime category. However, the allegations usually involve professionals, the crimes are non-violent, and they involve some kind of deceit and the motivation for financial gain.

Here are some common examples of white collar crime:

  • Fraud: Fraud is a very general term that refers to purposeful deception or intentional omission of information with the intention to defraud someone for financial gain. Securities fraud is one common type of white collar fraud. This involves deception surrounding the offer and sale of an investment. Insurance fraud, on the other hand, involves lying on insurance papers to inappropriately obtain compensation from an insurance company. Mortgage fraud involves deception to obtain a large mortgage loan with no intention of paying it back.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement happens when an employee deceitfully takes money from his or her employer. This might involve the employee transferring money from a company bank account into an account under his or her control, to use for personal expenses.
  • Tax evasion: Any effort to avoid taxes will be white collar fraud. For example, tax evasion could be the illegal transfer of property in a way that keeps the transaction secret and unknown to the IRS. It could also include unreported money received under the table in exchange for services.
  • Money laundering: When money is illegally obtained through criminal activity, the criminals may need to "clean" the money before depositing it in a legitimate bank account so that the money does not draw suspicion from the IRS or other government authorities. Money laundering often involves complicated transactions that appear like legitimate business pursuits.

Where you accused of a white collar crime?

The best white collar criminals have other people do the "dirty" work. In fact, it's not uncommon for an employee to unknowingly play a vital role in a white collar crime scheme. Were you accused of committing white collar crime? You make want to consult a white collar criminal defense lawyer to explore the most appropriate way to defend yourself against the allegations.

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